Encouraging video on a small business

What many people who have never started a business do not realize is that the entrepreneurs put so much on the line, especially early on in the business.

Many have to finance their business with their own home, must go without income for months during the start-up phase, and think about their business virtually all day (and often all night).  The entrepreneurs in this video created by Caleb Brown, and economics student at GMU, discusses the additional challenges when you own your business with your spouse.

I can totally relate to this story since my wife and I own our business.  We moved into our first office three months after 9.11.  We had four children, and had to go without insurance for nearly a year.  Our business started slowly, so we had no income for over nine months.  We went without a second vehicle and cut back everything.  Ten years later, we have a thriving business and six employees.

Unfortunately, our federal government is lead by a team of individuals who have never gone through the trials of starting and running a business.  So all they see is our current success, and insist that it is their moral obligation to take a “fair share” of our success to pay for whatever entitlement programs they want to enact.

And they wonder why small businesses are struggling to create the new jobs they want to lower unemployment so that they get re-elected.

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